I first heard this phrase from Pastor Paul Jackson.
Everyday we should be praising God for another day He has given us.
Too many times we can get caught up in the 'living for the weekend' mentality. When we do, we're missing so many marvelous God moments given to us daily!
We are human and there'll be times when we don't feel our best, but that doesn't give us a 'timeout' in being a representative of God.
There is no such thing as a part-time Christian!

Before your feet hit the floor,
Before you go out the door,
Whenever you take a drive,
Praise God you're alive,
On the good and bad days,
Thank Him for all His ways,
Blessings are all around,
Turn that frown upside down,
Bless someone with what you say,
Tell them to have a Blessed Day!